The characters

Meet Dirkle Smat:

Dirkle is the leader of the Explorer’s Club. He has good ideas and a lot of common sense. When things start to get really exciting, Dirkle can be trusted to stay steady and calm. He’s curious about almost everything and willing to explore any adventure.

… and the other explorers:

Quid Smat:

Quid is Dirkle’s younger brother and has a habit of tagging along on the Club’s adventures. He’s not an official member of the club, but everyone is happy to have him join the fun. Quid might be small in size, but he’s got a sense of adventure as big as anyone in the Club.

Toonie Oobles:  

Toonie is the only girl in the group and has a nose for adventure. Her willing spirit and sense of fun add to her bravery to try almost anything. Her natural curiosity is a big help when the Explorers are faced with a mystery.   

Fiddy Bublob:

Of all of the Explorers, Fiddy is the most cautious. He’s less likely than the others to just say “Sure, let’s go” and he tends to spend more time wondering whether the next adventure is really such a good idea. But he’s eager to please his friends and follows them to see what fun might happen. And he brings great snacks.

Bean Lumley:

Every Explorer’s Club needs a genius, and Bean is the best. His many inventions are a big help on their adventures and his ability to fix almost anything has gotten them out of many scrapes. Bean is both an inventor and an adventurer who gives everyone else the confidence that they can do anything they try.


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