You can write fun stories too!

You can use your imagination to come up with completely new adventures like the ones the Explorer’s Club has! Try out these tips and see if you can come up with a story.

  • Read a story and then think about how the story would change if the main character had been completely different ( – a baseball player, a computer repairman, a famous actress, an old grandpa, someone in a wheelchair, a set of twins…) When you change one important thing and rewrite the story you‘ll find that it becomes something quite different than the original, and maybe even better!
  • Write about what you would do on summer vacation if you had $1000 and a one-man flying machine.
  • Write the background story of Waldo. What does he do for a living? Where did he grow up? Why does he keep getting lost? Does he have any brothers or sisters? Are they missing too?
  • If you could look into the future, what do you think will be the most exciting change in schools by the year 2020? Write a story about a student in the future.
  • Get together with friends and create a new character and then each of you write a story about a day in the life of this character. Compare your story with those of your friends and find out what goofy and exciting things your character is doing!
  • What do you think would happen if Harry Potter went to live at the White House? At your house? With your school principal? Write a story about it!
  • Think of your favorite fairy tale and then change the ending.  What would have happened if Cinderella was in the bathroom when the clock struck twelve?  Would she have had to climb out of the window?  How would the story of the wolf and the three little pigs had been different if the pigs couldn’t understand wolf-talk?  What if Snow White married one of the dwarves?
  • Use your imagination and create something that only you could have made up.  And keep practicing.  Just like learning to play the piano, you get better at writing the more you practice.

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